Monday, March 22, 2010

ugh... math class

I have to pay attention in math class now. It really stinks. Oh, not that I wasn't paying attention before. I was, it's just that I didn't have to concentrate on it as closely, because I had a general idea of what was going on.

What was I focusing on instead? umm...well...I was drawing pictures in my binder. There are advantages to sitting in the back of the room. hehehe ;)

Mostly, I draw pictures of the other people in front of me in the classroom. Sometimes, I draw random things.

this is someone I made up

Now, if you think that is bad, you should see my gov't notes.

Well, actually, those are my notes prior to class starting. I usually get there a little early, so I scribble in my notebook bit.

I guess that's it for now. I have a paper I should probably work on. ttyl, jot

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    I like your blog! all those drawings!