Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yay! I finally got a tank!

An acetylene tank, that is. I've been waiting to get one for 2 years. I already had the torch.

Why do I need acetylene? well...I'm a firebug. ;) Actually, I need it for making jewelry. I want to be able to solder (why isn't it spelled sauter or saughter? or even sotter) silver and brass chains and whatever else my heart desires.

At the moment, I need the acetylene for brazing some metal pieces together for my contraption pictured below. At least it should be somewhere a couple posts down...

argh. my brain has skeedaddled on me. can't think of anything else to write. ttyl, jot


  1. That should be an exciting experience for you! I know my 17 year old son would love playing with a torch. ;)

  2. yay i hope to hear of this like to see how it goes.